Laser Hair Removal Treatment – 10 Most Common Myths

1. Myth: Laser hair removal treatment is permanent

Fact: There are many misleading perceptions that the laser hair removal treatment lasts forever. The main purpose of laser hair removal treatment is permanent hair reduction, but not complete hair removal. The hair follicles are not 100% destroyed from laser hair removal treatment. There is always a chance that the follicles can repair and begin to produce hair again.

Lasers can reduce hair counts 40%- to 80%. For maintaining smooth legs, it’s important to have touch ups after several years.

2. Myth: Laser hair removal is extremely painful

Fact: Although laser hair removal isn’t painless, the experienced pain is more like a brief snapping sensation with little to no pain, almost like a rubber band briefly snapping on the skin.

3. Myth: Treatment exposes you to radiation

Fact: The laser hair removal machines that are approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) do not emit the radiation. The radiation doesn’t exist between the light barriers of the laser.

4. Myth: The treatment isn’t cheap

Fact: The mistake most people make is judging the cost solely on the bulk cost for several treatments, which can be a high number. It’s important to compare the number with the money you’ll be saving, not just in monetary terms (razors, wax, threading) but also in the hours you save every year.

5. Myth: Laser hair removal affects fertility

Fact: The laser is designed to target the hair follicle and it won’t penetrate further than below the skin surface, but not deep enough to affect any organs.

6. Myth: Laser hair removal can actually cause more hair to grow

Fact: There is no way a laser hair can create more hair growth. As we grow older, our bodies constantly change, some people will lose body hair and some may grow hair in some places. Laser hair removal can destroy hair follicles, but cannot prevent new ones from developing.

7. Myth: Laser hair removal works the same for all hair types

Fact: It’s important to be aware that laser hair removal results vary by hair color, skin type and person. Red hair is more difficult, but not impossible to remove, but white and grey hair cannot be removed with laser because the hair lacks the pigment, so it’s not possible for lasers to identify the hair follicles.

8. Myth: Black woman aren’t suitable candidates for laser hair removal

Fact: The darker skin absorbs more laser than lighter skin and requires more sessions, but advanced laser hair removal machine has made possible for dermatologist to use the proper laser strength that can help black woman remove unwanted hairs.

9. Myth: You can’t get laser hair removal treatment if you’re vegetarian

Fact: A diet ultra-rich in beta carotene (carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach and pumpkin) results in the yellowish skin, due to the levels of beta-carotene in the system. Yellowish skin absorbs laser light and because of that, not enough laser hair light can reach the hair follicle.

It’s advisable that you visit the dermatologist to determine if your skin has a yellow hue that can affect laser hair removal treatment results.

10. Myth: You can’t get laser hair treatment during summer

Fact: With the advance of technology a new generation of lasers has been designed to safely bypass the skin and find a melanin pigments to remove the hair. Most people tan in summer so it’s harder to pinpoint the melanin within the hair follicle.

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