Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser hair removal treatment is designed to remove body hairs but the results may not always be permanent, although the results  are excellent.

Almost all hair types attain delayed hair re-growth for periods as long as six months after a single treatment. So the best results are achieved after multiple treatments.

The only permanent hair removal is the treatment which completely stops the follicle from producing any hair and the only procedure that can do that is electrolysis.

The problem with electrolysis is that it takes a while to complete a treatment and can be very painful. Every follicle has to be treated one by one in order to achieve permanent hair loss. At the end of electrolysis treatment follicles are 100% destroyed forever. If the procedure is done correctly the follicle shouldn’t regenerate.

Laser hair removal machines are approved as a permanent hair reduction, but the human body is very effective in regenerating itself so some follicles may get repaired over time.

Laser hair removal provides long lasting results. While some individuals may see a 100% reduction in hair growth, 90% of people report permanent hair loss after several treatments.

When considering laser hair removal it is important to consider the following:

70% – 90% of all candidates will require a minimum of 4-6 treatments (every 6-10 weeks). They will usually experience a 80% to 90% hair reduction. Depending on the skin type and hair color a client may need further treatments.

The clients may need maintenance treatment once or twice a year for keeping hair growth reduced.

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